Monday, July 19, 2010

Crinkled, Wrinkled and Folded

Ads promote removing wrinkles, but they often add character. Today's challenge was to shoot a photo of something crinkled, wrinkled or folded.

This photo captures all three of those elements. I wanted the bowl of the crinkled-styled potato chips to be the focal point of this photo so I made sure that my backdrop was dark so that the light coloured chips would stand out. I found some folded up black tissue paper, wrinkled it and unfolded it . The afternoon sun was streaming through the window and provided the only source of lighting I used for this shot. 

I also thought it would make an interesting entry into this week's theme of "Look But Don't Touch" here on 365 project since some of us may be watching what we eat and consuming a whole bowl of greasy chips would certainly be detrimental to our healthy eating lifestyles we are attempting to follow..........



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