Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today's challenge was to photograph an interpretation of my favourite indulgence or guilty pleasure.

I've been bitten by the travel bug. Not a nibble or nip but a chomp! I'm full of wanderlust and while I have had the opportunity to travel a little here and there, I'm ready to make travelling not a hobby but rather make it my lifestyle. Inspired by the television show "Departures" ( seeing the world and experiencing all it has to offer is the number one thing on my bucket list of things to do before I die. I love learning about cultures, religions and way of life and want to experience it first hand. I'd love to be able to experience the ruins of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka or endure the harsh temperatures of Russia in the winter (I'm sure the vodka would keep me warm) or hike through the Amazon rainforest or soak up the warm sun on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Other places I'd love to see: Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, India, Chile, The Antarctic and Korea (both North and South).

Now if I could only find a pair of pants with pockets deep enough to hold all the money I'd need to accomplish this dream and I'd be all set!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let Your Backbone Slide

Symmetry can be calm and soothing. Today's challenge was to make a photo featuring symmetry, either in subject or composition.

Today I enjoyed my bi-monthly 45 minute massage therapy session and after working many long hours of late, my back, neck and shoulders really needed it. My massage therapist, Leslie, is awesome! What she may lack in stature, she sure makes up for with magical hands! I took this photo of a model human vertebrae while in the therapists office. I love the way the desk lamp (the only light source available in the room) was shining on the model and how it cast some interesting shadows really adding to the depth and dimension of the piece. 

For some strange reason, whenever I see vertebrae such as this or hear the word "backbone"...I always think of this old school hip hop song by Maestro Fresh Wes:


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Confusion and Clumsiness = Colourful Chaos

Today's challenge was to communicate chaos, disorganization or messiness in a photograph. Find some beauty in it.

Guess where this was taken? Did you say work? Ding! Ding! Ding! Give that man (or woman) a prize! Feeling over-tired, I wan't really paying attention and pulled out my drawer containing these push-pins all the way and ended up with the pins all over the floor, my desk, my lap and even into my cold cup of coffee. After sitting there for a few seconds feeling dumbfounded (have I mentioned how tired I am?), I grabbed the 'ole point and shoot and started snapping away at the colourful chaos that surrounded me. After a few minutes though, reality set in and I started cursing away as I had to clean up the prickly mess......


Mirror Mirror On The Wall.....

Today's assignment was to use a mirror as part of a composition in a photograph today. Show yourself in the image if you'd like!

Over the past few weeks, I've been living, eating, breathing and, pretty soon, will be sleeping in the "beige cage" as I've been pulling some ridiculous 11, 12 and sometimes even 14 hour work days. I've lost touch with the outside world. I'm exhausted, and don't have the time when I get home to pull out the DSLR and shoot wonderful pictures. Thank darwin I always have my point and shoot with me at all times. I was able to capture a shot of my little "spy mirror" I've got hooked up on the top corner of my computer at work. As you can see, my desk was in total disarray at the time this shot was taken.....


Monday, September 20, 2010

Camera Shy...

Today's challenge was to make a photograph of something that is soft, or a least looks like it.

I was trying to rack my brain and think of something creative to shoot, but alas, came up with nothing other than this photo of the cat. As you may recall from a previous post ( she is very difficult to shoot. She'll sit and taunt you with her oh-so-adorable looks, psychotic episodes and will playfully pose but when you grab the camera, she takes off like a bat out of hell. She definitely is not a ham in a cat suit when it comes to taking her picture. She was hiding under the table when suddenly something caught her attention outside...long enough for me to capture this quick shot.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's In Your Wallet?

Some carry a talisman, amulet, "lucky charm", or just a comforting thing in our pocket. What do you carry?

This little silver metal starfish was given to me by a friend a few years back. It's not something I carry in my pocket but rather in the change compartment of my wallet. While I don't believe it brings luck or good fortune my way, it is something that I do bring out from time to time when I am feeling anxious or at odds with things in life. I'll play with it in my fingertips while I work out some nervous tension or stress. Sometimes, I'll sit with it clasped in the palm of my hands while I sit quietly contemplating the solution to what's on my mind. It's message inscribed on the front is simple: Wishes. Sometimes when I've lost sight of my goal, or taken a slight turn off the path I've set for myself, I think of this and realize that with hard work, a plan and lots of dedication, I can obtain any of my wishes that I've put out there.

To quote that ubiquitous credit card commercial: What's in your wallet?


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Demolition Derby

Today we went to the Brampton Fall Festival where we saw various animals, antiques and crafts. The highlight of the day for many festival goers was the Demolition Derby. People waited in the stands for two hours prior to the start of the derby to secure good seats. There were prizes given for Best Decorated Car, Winner of the Figure 8 races and of course, Winner of the Demolition Derby.

Demolition Derby is a motorsport usually presented at county fairs and festivals. While rules vary from event to event, the typical demolition derby event consists of five or more drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicle into one another. The last driver whose vehicle is still operational is awarded the victory.