Friday, September 10, 2010

Pucker Up, Baby!

Today's challenge was to make a photograph using strong verticle lines.

Technical difficulties have prevented me from posting something wonderful and interesting so I had to resort to using a photo I took two weeks ago while shopping with some friends. I didn't get to edit the photo so this is it....I've always loved M.A.C. cosmetics and in my younger wild and foolish days, would blow a good chunk of my paycheques on some M.A.C products ( the other part of my pay would go to clothes and weekend partying). I've always been drawn to displays of lipsticks ...the rows of lipstick colours ranging from just barely there nudes to va va voom reds and every colour in between just begging to be tested and ultimately purchased. Sadly, these days the M.A.C. "lipstick fund" is now substituted with the "grocery fund" , "mortgage fund" and "utility bill fund"... :-(



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