Friday, September 17, 2010

Take it or "Leaf" it....

Today's challenge was to showcase the beauty of living foliage. Make a photo of a single leaf or and entire "greenscape".

Taking a walk in the garden this evening made me realize two things:

1) Fall is just around the corner. The garden was once filled with big , beautiful blooms and has now transformed into an area of dead, dried up foliage.

2) It's getting dark earlier these days and there is the nip of fall in the air which means it will soon be time to focus on indoor shots instead of outdoor (unless freezing your butt off in the middle of winter is your idea of fun).

I managed to capture this shot of a beautiful variegated coleus . I loved the jewel-like colours that really stood out in the dying garden. Sadly, time will soon be up for these beauties as you can see the leaves are starting to fade and wilt. *Sigh* How many more days left until summer begins again?


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