Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let Your Backbone Slide

Symmetry can be calm and soothing. Today's challenge was to make a photo featuring symmetry, either in subject or composition.

Today I enjoyed my bi-monthly 45 minute massage therapy session and after working many long hours of late, my back, neck and shoulders really needed it. My massage therapist, Leslie, is awesome! What she may lack in stature, she sure makes up for with magical hands! I took this photo of a model human vertebrae while in the therapists office. I love the way the desk lamp (the only light source available in the room) was shining on the model and how it cast some interesting shadows really adding to the depth and dimension of the piece. 

For some strange reason, whenever I see vertebrae such as this or hear the word "backbone"...I always think of this old school hip hop song by Maestro Fresh Wes:


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