Sunday, June 20, 2010

Asymmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical balance occurs when several smaller items on one side are balanced by a large item on the other side, or smaller items are placed further away from the center of the screen than larger items. In this case, we can say that the two small darker glass insulators weigh more heavily than the clear larger one thus creating more of a heavier feel on one side of the photograph.
I used glass insulators for my picture today. They were first produced in the 1850's for use with telegraph lines. As technology developed, insulators were needed for telephone lines, electrical pwer lines and other applications. People started to collect these in the mid-1960's. I bought them many years ago at a garage sale. I loved the uniqueness of them and thought I'd group them together as a display. Truth be told they make awesome doorstoppers.....



  1. I haven't seen any of them for a long time. Nice finds, and beautiful pic.

  2. Thanks! When I first saw them I had no clue what they were used for until I decided to research them...They are actually stamped with the year they were made...1850.....


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