Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh....and I can make phone calls with it too!

Today's photo is in answer to the question posed on The Daily Shot's website: "What's your favourite device to access the internet?"
Hands down, my iPhone is the clear winner here. I never leave home without it. It's like having my very own P.A with me at all times. It allows me to schedule appointments, reminds me of important dates, has a built in camera, a compass (in case I get lost in the forest???) a telephone book to keep the long list of contacts I have organized, builds my shopping lists, counts down upcoming events, gives me detailed weather reports, gives me access to the internet and has a built in iPod. I also love it cause I can find places to eat, make dinner reservations with it and figure out how much everyone owes for the bill with tip included. Yes, it is awesome and allows me to do many things with it......in fact, I can even make phone calls with it too.... ;-)


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  1. I love the title. The phones these days are sooooo much more!


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