Sunday, June 13, 2010


When it comes to Sara, the cat, patience is a virtue .

Whenever any of us come through the door at night, quite often she'll come dashing to the door to greet us with her signature sideways bounce and will stop right where the carpet meets the tiled foyer area. She'll sit patiently waiting for some lovin' as we take off our shoes, hang our coats and check the mail. Once we step over the threshold and onto the carpet, she's all over us like white on rice. This is the same look we get when she wants her Whiskas kitty treats. She knows we keep them on the shelf under the side table and she'll sit there, staring at them patiently, until one of us caves in and gives her some. She'll patiently wait by my feet in the kitchen if I'm cutting up cheese, chicken or draining a can of tuna.


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