Sunday, June 6, 2010


MAY 6, 2010

What started off as a cool, rainy and crappy day turned out to be a decent day as Guy and I went out shopping for camera accessories and priced out some new "toys" to add to our collection. After leaving one store, I heard the roar of an airplane and looked up only to see the underside of a gianormous plane directly overhead of us. Since I had "the good camera" with us, we decided to go to an abandoned parking lot a little closer to the airport directly in the flight path of the incoming flights.

While waiting for the planes to approach, I would wonder where these flights were coming from and what adventures the passangers would have to tell. Traveling has always been one of my favourite pastimes and flying (especially to my destination) has always been one of the highlights of my trips.

Hmmmmmm, 47 days, 18 hours and 30 minutes before we embark on our next far-away adventure.....but hey.....who's counting?!?


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