Thursday, May 13, 2010

Introducing Birdy

MAY 13, 2010

I found Birdy lying on an abandoned desk at work back in 2004. I felt so sad for him looking all pathetic, scared and lonely so I adopted him as my own. He may look all sweet and innocent, but, get a couple of drinks in him and watch out! He becomes quite naughty and bad. There have been times where I've found this party animal passed out in his own puke. Not a pretty sight let me tell you. Birdy likes to travel and has accompanied me on many of my adventures. Look for him in upcoming photos.

For those ladies who are interested, he's single, likes long walks along tropical beaches, is a non-smoker (except after a few "social" drinks) and is a great listener (he really doesn't have much to say). For more information, please inquire within.



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