Saturday, May 1, 2010

Looking At The World Through Different Glasses

MAY 1, 2010

Sometimes we need to step back, evaluate and look at things in a different way to really figure out where we're going.  I haven't blogged for several months now.  Did I run out of ideas?  Things to say?  Perhaps.  Truth be told, I've been caught up in my studies and just haven't had time to blog.  Now that I am done and ready to graduate, I'm looking for a new bag of tricks to occupy my time and keep my creative juices flowing.  I've decided I would like to make photography my new passion.  While surfing on the internet one day, I came across an interesting site: 365 Project.  The concept is simple: Take a photograph every day for the next year.  I thought this would be an awesome way to work on new photographic techniques while creatively showing my world and how I see things.  I may blog a little about the daily photo or may have nothing to say at all. 

I look forward to sharing these photos with you and welcome any feedback you may have (both positive and negative).


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  1. I love it already. Can't wait for tomorrow's post. Glad you're back, Mags!


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