Thursday, August 19, 2010

Devastation and Dismay

Feeling a little nervous on bringing the DSRL with me to the Greenday concert last night for fear of confiscation or being trampled on by some wasted concertgoer, I opted to bring my new point and shoot with me. I thought it would be a great opportunity to experiment a bit with what it is capable of creating. I spent the afternoon with friends at Ontario Place on a restaurant patio overlooking the marina. I took some great shots of the boats, the infamous Cenisphere and of the beautiful Toronto skyline. Many goofy shots were taken as well by Bina as she was able to capture interesting shots of the Ketchup bottle, candid portraits of us and of the food we were eating. I was pretty sure that I'd have several selections to choose from for today's pictures.

As the concert started, I started to snap away in hopes of getting "the" great shot of the band. Knowing the camera had a movie setting, I thought I'd try it out to see how well it worked. I chose one of the songs that I loved and started filming. It was halfway during the song that the stoner boner beside me thought it would be a great time to jump up and down and smash his elbow in my face. #$%&!!!! I accidentally hit the stop button during the kerfuffle. I was angry! I thought I would delete the video and try again with another song. Not being familiar with the camera (especially in the dark) I managed to not only delete the video but ALL of the pictures I took that day! It left me with nothing! I was able to capture a video and take a few shots but then the red battery light started to flash and before I knew it, the camera shut down. Game over. So, while I know this is by far not the best picture that I had captured during the entire day, it' s the best of the worst that I managed to shoot prior to the battery dying..........


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