Monday, August 23, 2010


Today's number is 5. Make a photo that illustrates the number in some way, either literally or abstractly.

Feeling a bit peckish when I got home from work today, I put my hand into the candy jar at home to find a little treat to enjoy. The small glass jar currently is filled with these "Chinese Candies" as we've nicknamed since we've got no idea what the writing translates to. The candies are are crispy and wafer-like and taste a bit like peanut butter. (Hmmmmm, suppose that's why on the package they are labelled as "Peanut Crisp Logs??????) They come in a variety of different colour foiled packages. I like the red ones best and wanted to grab and stash them before other people took them so I picked them out of the jar. Conveniently, there are only five left so I figured I would incorporate them into today's photo.


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