Monday, August 2, 2010

The Masks We Wear.....

Beauty is all around us. Today's challenge was to make a photo of some naturally occurring beauty in my area.

It would seem that the natural choice would be to photograph something outside like a plant or flower. I chose to photograph this souvenir of a Tribal Indian Mask that I brought back from Costa Rica. These masks are made from woods such as balsa, cedar and other fine woods that can be easily carved. The paints used to decorate the piece come from roots, leaves, fruits, barks and even sea shells. 

Inspired on a Buruca tribe tradition, these masks represent the historical clash between the Spanish and burucas during the Conquest. This is celebrated during the last days of the year, with a party called "devils games". The participants dress with dry leaves, animal hides, and other fabrics called "munchi".


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