Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The "Signs" of Summer

Today's challenge was to make a photograph that features a sign of some sort today. 

Ahhhhhh....Summertime! Lazy days spent at the beach, long weekends at the cottage and endless road construction.....the sure signs of summer! Seems like everywhere you drive, some road is being torn up, repaired or expanded leaving many commuters hot under the collar at the long delays. This shot was taken near my house. This street used to be a two lane road surrounded by heavily wooded areas and farmlands. Sadly, traffic has increased considerably since we've lived here due to the expanding residential area. This road can no longer handle the amount of traffic flowing here, thus, the city has decided it was time to expand it to a 4 lane road. Trees were cut down, older homes have been abandoned and torn down to make way for the new road. Construction is slated to be completed by Fall 2010.


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